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[Translation] Scream: End of an Era (2005-11) - Interviews

translated by Norwegian Oceansoul

It's never fun to be the carrier of dark secrets, and I was informed of this situation several months ago by the songwriter Tuomas Holopainen. Tuomas made it very clear that this was really painfull, an that the decision was a tough one to make.In Septermbe we had to work ekstra hard for the Oslo-concert not to be cancelled, but thanks to a great effort from Jan Erik Johansen, the gig was saved. Friday oktober the 21. the band plays their last gig for a stuffed Hartwall arena in Helsinki, where there are about 14.000 people present.Afterwards Tarja recieves a letter signed by the other bandmembers, and 24 hours later the open letter is put out on the internet, through the bands' website.

The interview :

I spoke alot to Tuomas the sunday after the gig, an even if the statement says alot, he is willing to explain some more..
T. : It's not really Tarja that's the mainproblem, it's Marcelo, her husband. I think it's tragic that one of my best friends since elementary-school (not sure if that's the right word)- has been brain washed by a argentina mafia-dude. Marcelo is scary! He can talk you around his finger, and is a manipulator of another world..

Tuomas agrees to the fact that it's good for Tarja to have someone to talk to - to have sa kind of "free-zone" from fans and the musicbuisness,but that is only a half truth in Tuomas' opinion..
T. : Of course, but why did she have to choose him, of all persons? She can have anyone she wants, she's to good for this serpent!

You won't be returning to the studio untill autumn 2006 - is it out of the question for you to work with Tarja, even if she manages to keep Marcelo out of it?
T. : As the situation is today, that's impossible. That's simply wishful thinking. Tarja has to realize that none of us, not band, not management wants anything to do with him (marcelo), and if they really do love eachother that much, there's is no way we'll work together again.

Tuomas' phone is ringing constantly this afternoon, and it's obious he's exhausted, but still he's doing as many interviews as possible...
T. : It won't be long before Marcelo goes to strike back at us, so I'll make sure I have said as much as possible in that time...

Tuomas also confirms that more details on the situation will be told in the official book, that will be released next spring.
The concert will be released on a dvd named End of an Era in 2006.

All things has two sides to it, so I contacted Tarja to hear if she felt well enough to give us a statement... She simply sends us an sms saying :
Right now there's is nothing that works for me, so I'm going to argentina to escape the media-circus in Finland. This is a huge shock to me. I will be in touch later. Thanks for your support

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